I have worked in many B2B projects, Below mentioned is an example to demonstrate the Process.

Structure of this document (from top to bottom)


My Role

Stakeholders Meeting

User Research

  • User Interview
  • Contextual Inquiry and Personas
  • Afinity Mapping

Information Architecture

Wireframing and Prototyping

Usability Testing

Education System


Displaying account information online is necessary. It should be accessible to all and will make users rely on e-statements and opt out paper statements.


My direct contributions to this project focused on user research, organizational research,
usability testing, Creating Information Architecture and a prototype and helping in front end development.

Stakeholders Meeting

In stakeholders meeting, we got a clear picture of the problem in hand.From these meetings, we understood the goal, the company's culture, stakeholders idea about the users and features.
We have discussed the features with the developers and prioritize them base on complexity and necessity.

User Research

User Interview

Userinterview was planned and scripted.
Users are the members and the administrators.

Script contained questions such as,

How often do you check statements online?

Do you still receive paper copies?

In your view, what is lacking on online statements?

what makes you trust paper copies than e-statements?

etc etc ..

Contextual Inquiry

the contextual inquiry was performed at user's desk where he/she gave us a walkthrough how they perform the tasks. We have observed their behaviors, tools they use and their pain points.

Affinity Mapping

Affinity mapping was performed on the data collected from user interviews and contextual inquiry.


Hi,I am Mike.

I am 50.

I have more than one account

I use computer, I shop on amazon, Use YouTube and sometime see my bank balance as well.


I want to stay up to date with my account.
I want to stay aware how much money goes to what account every month.
I want customer care to be rechable when i want their help.


I am comfortable with paper statements because I read that in detail whenever I need to.
I find it difficult to browse thru every account to see the details.
I find difficulties in keep storing the monthly statements.
Also it is becoming difficult to search my past statement when I need it for a particular month.

Hi, I am Christie.

I am 35.

I have account with the Education system.

I have no prblem with using computer for my transactions.I use smart phone as well to browse internet.


I want to access my account any time want than waiting for statements every month.
I want to stay aware how much money goes to what account every month.


Paper copies are fine but why we need it if I find the same online?
I wish to see the statements online whenever I want and of course I will order a hard copy in need.
Seriously I don’t need a paper copy with security information sitting at my mailbox every month.

Information Architecture

Card Sorting

Card sorting was performed by the team. A open card sorting was performed with help of 5 employees.

Information Architecture

I have created the IA based on the result of card sorting.

Rapid Concept Design and Prototyping

A wirefame has been created to validate the content of the site. After confirming the wireframe with development team and with the stake holders a prototype was created for usability testing.

Usability testing & Iterative Design Process

In Usability Testing, I found out that the users are showing an unwillingness to browse their accounts in different web pages. The solution was to convert it into a One-page application where User will see his/her different account in different TABs. Also, the look of the online account replicated in the same way as the paper statement, in this way user started to connect with the content they see on screen.

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